Attorney - Client Agreement

Quick Online Divorce

My Quick, Online Divorce service is not a cookie-cutter, paper preparation service.  It's a real attorney-client relationship with real legal advice and real representation.  To proceed, I need to know that you understand our attorney-client relationship.


CONFIDENTIALITY:  The answers you give on the questionnaire, and any information you share with me over-the-phone, is all confidential.  I won't share it with anyone else -- not even your spouse -- without your permission.


THE FEE:  In consideration of my assistance, advice, legal representation, and other services, you will pay me FIVE HUNDRED ($500.00) dollars.  The fee is not refundable after your papers have been sent to you.


The fee covers all my work in this matter including:

  • an initial interview with you to:

    • confirm the issues to be resolved, and 

    • review the terms of the settlement agreement you have reached with your spouse;

  • preparing an initial set of ALL documents necessary to complete your divorce;

  • advising you about whether your agreement is likely to be approved by the court and, if that seems unlikely, what to do to remedy any defects or weaknesses;

    • NOTE:  an additional fee of $250 will be required for each substantive change required after the initial documents are prepared;

  • forwarding the divorce documents to you and your spouse for signature,

  • filing the documents with the court;

  • scheduling the court date; and

  • appearing with you in court to finalize your divorce.


The fee does not cover (you are responsible for these):

  • a service charge for processing your papers in the court system, including obtaining a transcript of your hearing as required by the court, approving the transcript , and filing the transcript with the court to finalize your case;

  • your filing fee;

  • if necessary, any publication fees (if you can't find your spouse – about $100).



I will:

  • prepare all the documents necessary to finalize your agreed, uncontested divorce all according to the agreement between you and your spouse.  If any other issues arise, or if the initial agreement must be edited, revised, or re-negotiated, I will not address that work unless you and I agree to new terms that will permit such work;

  • file your case, schedule the court date, and take care of all the other arrangements necessary to finalize your case in court;

  • meet you in court and direct your testimony before the judge to finalize your divorce.


You will:

  • answer the questionnaire truthfully and neither include false information nor omit substantive information;

  • if you don't know your spouse's whereabouts you will sign an affidavit explaining the efforts you've made to locate your spouse;

  • forward to me an amount to cover the filing fee which I must pay to the  Clerk of the Circuit Court (I also charge a small service charge for filing court scheduling, the transcript, and other services that must be done to make your case final);

  • appear in court on the scheduled date at the scheduled time to finalize your divorce.  If your case must be continued due to your absence, tardiness, or for some other reason beyond my control, you will pay an additional fee of $400 to schedule another court date.


Your spouse will:

  • if your spouse can be found, your spouse will cooperate, sign the papers, and do all other things necessary to allow me to finalize your divorce.


If you need additional services beyond the above, you and I will have to discuss such work and reach a new agreement for payment for services.



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