Why Hire a Lawyer?

by Wes Cowell, updated 3 August 2015


When they divorce, even divorce lawyers hire divorce lawyers. Don't try to go it alone in what will probably be the biggest emotional and financial event of your life.  Need advice? Call, leave your info, or schedule a consult.


Divorces may be granted only by a court. That means that a lawsuit must be filed and, whether settled or tried, all lawsuits must follow rules of procedure, discovery, evidence, and law B and that means you should work with a knowledgeable lawyer. You may be tempted to try to handle your case on your own, or to trust your spouse's attorney to do all the work. Be careful B whether you know it or not, you have a LOT at stake. Even if you don't want to hire a lawyer, at least sit down and talk with a knowledgeable and respected divorce attorney to get an attorney’s opinion.


Our society doesn't allow people to walk into hospitals to perform surgery on themselves. You should think of your divorce with the same frame of mind. Your divorce very well may be the most significant financial and emotional event of your life. Studies show that the stress of a divorce takes a toll on one's emotional, psychological, and physical well-being that is exceeded only by the experience of the death of a parent or child. In divorce cases, lives really do hang in the balance. With stakes like that, you shouldn't try to go it alone -- even a single misstep could mean a future of unnecessary difficulty or even disaster.


Although Illinois' Supreme Court does not recognize specialty areas of the law, there are "divorce lawyers" who concentrate their practices only in the area of divorce and related matters. Reputable divorce lawyers maintain affiliations with professional organizations1 that help keep them informed of recent developments in divorce law. Such organizations regularly host meetings to discuss significant issues and those meetings often are attended by, and receive lectures from, the very divorce judges who preside over cases like yours. 


An attorney who is up-to-date on developments in the law and who understands the judge's personal point of view likely will enjoy a significant advantage in court.  Finding a law firm whose lawyers are familiar with changes in the law, recent court decisions, the intricacies of the courts, and even the personalities and tendencies of the individual judges can have a dramatic effect on your strategy, bargaining positions, and final settlement or success at trial. You must choose your attorney wisely.


To protect your rights and assets, ensure you don't run afoul of any technicalities, and to maximize your settlement benefits or trial outcome you should hire, and work closely with, a good divorce lawyer. They are trained professionals dedicated to helping you protect yourself from the pitfalls of the legal system and secure a future of personal and financial strength.



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