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Quick, Online Divorce $700

If you agree with your spouse, or if you cannot locate your spouse, you can get divorced QUICKLY and EASILY.  Kids, real estate, alimony, retirement are all included.  $700 + court costs.  It usually takes about 3 weeks.


You must:

  • agree with your spouse on all issues or sign an affidavit that you cannot locate your spouse;

  • pay the filing fee and any other court costs (publication and transcript, if necessary); 

  • show up in court ONE time (your spouse is excused).


Everything but the court visit is done online -- there are no office visits.


  • pay a single, $700 flat fee;

  • get legal advice and guidance from me and be represented in court by a lawyer from my law firm.

  • finish with a customized agreement and everything taken care of in court.


  • spend a lot of money;

  • be forced into a cookie-cutter, form agreement;

  • be left with unanswered questions;

  • end up in a fight with your ex;

  • be turned away when you need help or advice.

It's EASY:

1.  Sign my Retainer Agreement.  Your contract with me is on the next page -- you'll pay $700 (+ the court filing fee and any other necessary fees costs, as we go) and I'll do your divorce on your agreed-to terms.

2.  Complete the Online Questionnaire.  Answer my secure, confidential questionnaire at your convenience.  It's simple:  birth dates, date and place of marriage, kids' names and birth dates, etc.  You can save your answers and come back later or just leave some of them blank and we'll help you fill them in.  Most folks are done in about 20 minutes. Questions?  Just call — we're here to help.

3.  Sign the papers.  You and your spouse (if you know where to find him/her) will receive an e-mailed link to your divorce papers.  Sign on your phone.  If you can't find your spouse we can do it with only your signature. 

4.  Forward the Filing Fee.  I'll call you to schedule your court date and you'll pay your filing fee.  We'll get everything taken care of with the court and direct your spouse on what he/she needs to do.

5.  Show Up In Court and Get Divorced.   I'll meet you in court (your spouse is excused from attending).  Court takes about 5 minutes.  You'll answer about 20 questions -- every answer is "yes".  You walk out divorced.



Hi! I'm Wes Cowell and I'm here to help.
I have 30 years of experience in Family Law. Call me now!


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