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Changing Lawyers Mid-Stream

by Wes Cowell, updated 3 August 2015


It's common for divorce litigants to change lawyers in the middle of a case.If you're not happy with the way your case is going, call for a second opinion.  Need advice?  Callleave your info, or scheduleschedule a consult.


It is not uncommon for divorce clients to change lawyers in the middle of a case.  Most people facing a divorce go to the first attorney they find -- often the attorney who did their real estate closing or helped with a traffic ticket.  Many "general practitioners" are ill-equipped to handle the intricacies of a divorce.  Other people hire a divorce specialist, but soon conclude the chemistry isn’t right or the lawyer cannot or will not properly prioritize the client’s objections.


If the lawyer you first hire isn't getting the job done the way you want -- no matter how far along your case is -- bite the bullet and start calling some REAL divorce attorneys -- in the long run, you'll be glad you did.


YOU WON’T LOSE MONEY:  When my law firm is hired in the middle of a case, we give our client's a courtesy credit to cover:

  • removing your old attorney from your case,

  • making our introductions to the judge and opposing counsel

  • reviewing your bills to make sure your old attorney didn’t overcharge you,

  • reviewing your case to understand the issues and posture of the case,

  • taking over the case.

You won’t have to pay for your new attorney to “get up to speed.”  


It’s as simple as a phone call.  We take care of firing your existing lawyer (you won’t have to make that call).  We also get a final bill from your old lawyer and go through it to make sure you’ve not been cheated or gouged.  You can have a new team of lawyers working on your case TODAY . . . and it won’t cost you a penny to make the change.  Call my office if you’d like to talk about changing lawyers.


HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:  When you hire my law firm in the middle of your case, we send you an e-form to sign (on your phone).  We’ll then file our own Appearance in your case and make our introductions to your spouse’s attorney and the judge.  We’ll notify your current attorney of the switch and demand that he turn over your file and a detailed ledger of your account.  We can do all of that on the same day you hire us – at no charge to you.  We’ll take care of the change-of-attorneys procedures at court – again, at no charge to you.  We’ll go through the file with you at your convenience and make sure you understand exactly where things are and the strengths and weaknesses of your case – again, at no charge to you.


IT CAN BE DONE THE SAME DAY:  We can have your current lawyer off the case and our papers filed with the court usually within an hour.


We’ll prepare for you a sound strategy and begin to put it into action.  We’ll keep you up to date, well informed, and well advised.  You’ll get excellent representation and for that, you’ll pay a reasonable fee.



Need more help? Ready to take the next step? Our attoneys are here for you.





Speak directly with an experienced divorce and family law attorney
at no charge.



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